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Calling all cell phones!

How you can help...

Now, you can turn your old, unwanted cell phone into greatly needed financial support for domestic violence and sexual assault victims cared for by the YWCA West Central Michigan.

Please take a minute to check your desk drawers and closets, then drop off your unused phones at the YWCA. (8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday).

The YWCA will resell the phones to a refurbishing and recycling partner. The proceeds will be used to take care for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault here in our community.

Newer (less than 5 years old), smaller, digital handsets have greater value. Older, larger, analog phones have less or no value. Batteries ARE accepted, but unfortunately we CANNOT take other accessories such as transformers, charging bases, cigarette plugs, earpieces, or manuals.

Not only do these gifts help victims of violence within our own community, they also strengthen communications within developing nations and help the environment.

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