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Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

After being referred by an academic advisor from an accredited university because exemplary skills have been demonstrated, a prospective intern may apply to the YWCA for a bachelor level or masters level internship. The intern must remain in good standing with their respective university with regard to learning contracts, documentation of hours, grades or any other school requirements that support the internship. The YWCA reserves the right to terminate an internship at any time.

Bachelor Level - Contact Eileen McKeever at 451-2744 or email

Domestic Crisis Center (Short-term Housing)/Safe Connections (Safe Exchange/Supervised Parenting) - the intern will work with the staff of the Domestic Crisis Center to provide crisis intervention and services for residents and their children seeking shelter assistance from domestic violence situations. In addition, under general supervision, the intern will provide supervised visitation services to YWCA Safe Connections program participants, with the goal of facilitating parent-child contact in a safe and secure environment.

Project HEAL (Long-term housing and supportive services) - Under general supervision, the intern will provide assessments, advocacy and case management services to Supportive Housing residents, with the goal of empowering women to live free of domestic violence and achieve independence, economic self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

Prevention and Empowerment Services - Under staff supervision, the intern will coordinate, implement programming, document evaluative feedback and collaborate with referring individuals and/or agencies for prevention and empowerment services, including healthy relationship classes in community schools.

Masters Level - Contact Mat Klemp at 616-426-3738 or email

YWCA Counseling Center - under clinical supervision, the intern provides assessment and recuperative services which may include individual, family, marital, and group psychotherapy and education; advocacy, crisis support and counseling, and activities that coordinate community services for victims traumatized by violence. The intern will generate appropriate documentation regarding service provided.

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