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Domestic Violence is it abuse?

If you are in immediate danger or feel unsafe, call 911.

YWCA 24-Hour Confidential Crisis Line

There are many signs of an abusive relationship, but the primary one is fear of your partner. Domestic abuse is a pattern of controlling behaviors that may include physical assaults, sexual assaults, emotional abuse, isolation, threats, stalking and intimidation. These behaviors are used by one person in an intimate relationship to control the other.

Domestic violence exists within every social, economic, ethnic, and religious sector. The partners may be married or not married, heterosexual or homosexual, living together, separated or dating.

Tell-Tale Signs of Abusive Behavior
Adapted from the Kent County Domestic Violence Community Coordinated Response Team

  • Does your partner ever push or shove you?
  • Has he ever put his hands on your throat?
  • Does he ever follow or stalk you?
  • Does he restrict you from family or friends?
  • Does he monitor your phone calls?
  • Does he interfere with your school or job?
  • Does he threaten to hurt you, himself, or others?
  • Does he put you down or call you names?
  • Does he blame you for his problems or mistakes?
  • Does he ever use scripture to justify abusive behavior?
  • Does he ever restrict you from your church or faith traditions?
  • Does he try to isolate you from your faith support system?
  • Does your partner intimidate you so that you are afraid to say "no" to sex?
  • Does your partner want to have sex after he beats you?
  • Does your partner force you to have sex or perform sexual acts against your will?
  • Does your partner force you to have sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Does your partner hurt you physically during sex by assaulting sexual parts of your body?
  • Does your partner treat you like a sex object or call you sexually degrading names?
  • Does your partner force you to view pornography?

These questions can help you be aware of signs of life-threatening danger.
  • Have you seen a change in his behavior lately?
  • Has he ever threatened to kill you, the children, or himself?
  • Does he own a gun or other weapons?
  • Has he ever mutilated or killed a pet?
  • Is there sexual violence or rape in the relationship?
  • Does he think you are his property to do with as he pleases?
  • Has he ever taken you or the children hostage?
  • Does he know you are leaving or is divorce pending?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, call the YWCA at 616.451.2744.

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